River's Edge Fellowship

Women's Ministries has two goals
  • To minister to every woman according to her need

  • To help each woman find her personal place of ministry

The vitality of Women's Ministries is in the local Women's Ministries group. Here women are directly involved in ministering to other women and helping every woman find her personal place of ministry.

Women are given opportunities for outreach on every level of ministry. Ministry is the goal of everything that is done through Women's Ministries. All functions should either minister to women or offer opportunity for women to minister.

Women of faith must bind together in prayer, support and dedication to spreading of Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ. It is only through our commitments to His cause that we truly can touch the world.

The first goal of Women's Ministries groups are to minister to every woman according to her need through prayer groups, Bible studies, and a variety of Ministry Groups in the local church.

Prayer must always be the priority of the local Women's Ministries group. It is through prayer that we not only connect with the will of God, but also how we support each other and those who represent us in the local church and around the world.

The Women's Ministries "Moments With Godfocuses our emphasis on prayer. Prayer groups may meet at any time convenient for women.

Prayer groups should be accompanied by Bible study groups. These two groups are the foundational ministry of the local Women's Ministries group, and allow us to connect with one other through communication and learning as we touch the world.

The second goal of Women's Ministries is to involve every woman in some aspect of ministry, helping her to be personally involved in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Missions have been the purpose of Women's Ministries since its beginning. Through the local church many opportunities are given for women to be involved in every level of missionary outreach.

Women annually women participate in a broad spectrum of projects ranging from the local church to district and national projects, as well as the ministries of world and home missions and benevolences.

Since the first record of giving through Women's Ministries in 1951, women and girls have collectively contributed over $264 million to Assemblies of God ministries at home and around the world. Truly Assemblies of God women are touching the world!

Women's Ministries is more that you imagined! 
Our world is changing rapidly, and so are the needs of women. We as Christians must be relevant to those we want to reach. Women's Ministries- Unlimited! emphasizes the unlimited opportunities open to women for ministry in their local churches and communities. Every woman should be ministered to according to her need, and every born-again woman should be encouraged to find her place of ministry within the body of Christ.

Many women today don't have the time or the interest in spending time at "just another meeting." We must reach out to women at the point of their needs. Women's Ministries can do this by offering various Ministry Groups. Living like Jesus and ministering to the needs of others should be a way of life for every Christian. People want to see that the Christ-controlled life makes a difference and gives meaning to their existence. Ministry to women and women ministering should be the lifestyle of Women's Ministries in every church.

Women have special gifts from God, one or more talents that He has blessed them with. Women's Ministries-Unlimited! helps women find their gifts, and then matches them to needs in the churches or communities, and empowers them to serve others with their talents.

Too many Christians today believe that service means "serve me." However, true servanthood is motivated by a loving concern for others. No greater example of this servanthood exists than in the life of Jesus Christ. Women can find many channels of opportunity to practice servanthood.

A variety of Ministry Groups can help teach biblical principles of leadership and practical tools for reaching and ministering to the women of this unique generation and diverse culture.

We must have passionate hearts to see women discover their God-given gifts and find their place of ministry within the body of Christ. Without passion in our leadership, women will not develop spiritually and their needs will go unmet. It is impossible for a leader to be effective if she isn't passionate about what she is doing.

The mission of Women's Ministries is to reach women, to disciple them and to help bring wholeness and balance to their lives. By providing an atmosphere for women to strengthen their gifts and by training them to find their places of ministry, women can successfully touch their world for Christ. The most effective way to reach women is at the local church level.

Women's Ministries is women ministering.

  • Teaching Bible studies
  • Ministering through prayer opportunities
  • Singing in the choir, playing in band or orchestra
  • Ministering in the church nursery
  • Ministry to single women
  • Ministry to single moms
  • Ministry to widows
  • Ministry to professional women
  • Ministry to senior adults
  • Ministry to the disabled
  • Financial management classes
  • Book clubs
  • Snuff Out Cancer prayer and support group
  • Teaching a Sunday School class
  • Assisting with funeral dinner; assisting with recovery meals
  • Event Evangelism
  • Hospital ministry
  • Shut-in ministry
  • Giving wedding or baby showers
  • Teaching discipleship or evangelism classes
  • Ministry to college students
  • Church librarian
  • Church office volunteer
  • Ministry to victims of abuse
  • Care of church building
  • Jail or prison ministry
  • Church visitation ministry
  • Nursing home ministry
  • Military personnel ministry
  • Diet and nutrition classes
  • Exercise classes
  • Quilting
  • Kickboxing
  • Crafts ministry
  • Hospitality ministry
  • Fellowship groups
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Food pantry
  • Clothing bank
  • Marriage ministry
  • Child care cooperative
  • Mother's day out program
  • Children's church worker
  • Home schooling network
  • Missionettes sponsor
  • Wedding hostess
  • Missions opportunities of all types
  • Ministries as unlimited as women's ideas!

Our purpose is to fulfill God's purpose. Paul wrote to the Galatians, "Through love serve one another." Every born-again woman should have at least one ministry where she is involved in serving others. Through Women's Ministries many opportunities exist where every woman can be motivated to find her place of service. If you are not involved, ask God where He would have you begin.