River's Edge Fellowship

River's Edge Fellowship Core Values

1. We believe in the power of regularly meeting together for mutual encouragement, education, and worship (Hebrews 10:25 )

2. We believe it is our responsibility to reach out in love and acceptance to those who have not experience the forgiveness of God's grace and mercy.  Lost people matter to God, and therefore matter to us (John 3:3, 16-17).

3. We believe the Bible is the single source of absolute truth.  It is the handbook that defines the standards by which we live.  Current culture will not change biblical standards or truth (II Timothy 3:15 -17).

4. We believe that God orders the affairs of his Church and ordains its leaders.  Therefore we recognize, respect and support our leadership (Acts 20:28 ).

5. We believe people have value and are created in God's image.  Individual and families needs matter to us and are worthy of our care and investment of time and energy (I Corinthians 9:19 ).

6. We believe relationships and accountability are critical to personal and Church growth (Acts 2:42 -47).

7. We believe our lives must demonstrate biblical values like honesty, sincerity, respect, biblical morality and humility.  We will strive to be real.  While the formats and times for meetings will vary according to need, the principle of meeting is essential for fulfillment of our individual and collective needs.

8. We believe the Church must embrace the stated vision, take risks, and work to make a difference.  We will undertake this with much prayer (Mark 16:15 -18).

9. We believe it is our responsibility to adapt culturally relevant methods in order to meet people's needs.  However, God's message never changes (Psalms 102:27).

10. We believe that communication with God through prayer and fasting is essential.  Prayer doesn't change God...  it changes us (Luke 22:42 ).